The Grossly Biased Guide to the Berkshires

An opinionated guide to the wonders of Berkshire County, MA

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About the Grossly Biased Guide

Welcome to the Grossly Biased Guide to the Berkshires, a.k.a. GBGB.

The idea behind the GBGB is pretty simple. We live in the Berkshires. We love where we live. We thought it would be fun to write about the places we go — some on, some off, the proverbial beaten path. This idea first blossomed back in 2003, but we never got the planned print publication off the ground; it was reborn in 2007 in blog form, and now here we are.

As our first post notes,

The Grossly Biased Guide is our attempt to build a guide to our favorite places, an incomplete, opinionated, non-authoritative guide to what’s worth discovering in and around Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Since the guide is a collection of favorites, it’s far from objective. Because it’s written by people who live and work in and around Western Massachusetts, it’s light on places to sleep and heavy on places to eat. If it’s not for you, that may be because it’s less for tourists and more for natives.

If you want to suggest a place we ought to go, email us at ideas AT grosslybiased DOT com. Or, to join our intrepid band of bloggers, drop a comment here and we’ll get back to you.

And if you’d like to write for the GBGB, here’s a rough set of guidelines. (Bear in mind that we’re a work in progress; these will almost certainly evolve over time…)

1) Write about places you think are cool. We’re not interested in posts trashing our county; we want to celebrate what we love. Do remember that our name includes the phrase “grossly biased,” which means we are absolutely, positively, in no way objective at all.

2) Kindly begin each post with the name of the place you’re writing about, and a Google maps link. (For examples of that format, look at our first couple of posts.)

3) Reviews are great. Review restaurants, performances, gallery shows, favorite hikes…whatever strikes your fancy. Personal essays and travelogues may eventually find their way into our pages, too. Photos are cool. Podcasts are cool. If you think something belongs here, it probably does; if you’re not sure, ping someone else who’s involved and ask them.

4) If hours/days/season of operation would be helpful, please include that information. (It’d be annoying to drive an hour across the county following a GBGB tip, only to discover the place in in question is only open on alternate Tuesdays when the moon is full.)

5) Tag your posts with the appropriate category, like “food” or “outdoors.” If your post doesn’t fit one of our existing categories, make a new one.

6) Yes, of course you can link to the GBGB from your website or blog. (And if you’re from outside our region and wish there were a Grossly Biased Guide to where you live, feel free to start one up.)

That’s it. Simple, eh? So dive in — and join us in savoring the place where we live.

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